24 January | General, News, Updates, Social Media
Performance 20/20 is now available at Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy​! More information at www.perform2020.com/bobbyv.
08 January | News, Research, Social Media
"New research from Duke Health suggests baseball scouts looking for a consistent, conscientious hitter may find clues not only in their performance on the field, but also in front of a computer screen."
24 December | General, News, Social Media
Happy holidays! As we celebrate the holidays and head into the new year, THANK YOU to our athletes, our team, and everyone who has been part of P2020. See faster, play faster.
08 December | General, Social Media
Coach Julia demonstrates a FitLight drill.
06 December | General, News, Social Media
"As science continues to evolve, it opens up doors with new tools and technology that help strengthen an athlete’s visual processing system." Read the full article at flexxCOACH.
16 November | News, Updates, Social Media
Ben Eddolls demonstrates the 5 Color Reaction drill with the FitLights.
16 November | News, Social Media
Dr. Stewart and Performance 20/20 were recently featured in the November issue of Women in Optometry
08 November | General, News, Social Media
P2020 demo at the Wesco Sports Center open house at Stamford Twin Rinks.
08 November | Updates, Social Media
Dr. Stewart is honored to be the Fitlight Trainer of the Month! Fitlight training is an integral part of our training program and helps our athletes improve their reaction, anticipation and timing.
24 October | General, Social Media
"Successful athletes are able to focus and make the best decisions under all the conditions they encounter in their sports."
05 October | Social Media
A fun afternoon teaching eye/hand coordination drills to the team at M. Train.
03 October | Athletes, Social Media
One of our goalies works on his reaction times.