16 November | News, Updates, Social Media
Ben Eddolls demonstrates the 5 Color Reaction drill with the FitLights.
16 November | News, Social Media
Dr. Stewart and Performance 20/20 were recently featured in the November issue of Women in Optometry
08 November | General, News, Social Media
P2020 demo at the Wesco Sports Center open house at Stamford Twin Rinks.
12 July | General, News, Research, Social Media
"Athletes constantly rely on stereo vision to throw, shoot, and pass accurately. But while everyone knows athletes can train to get faster, gain muscle, or improve core strength, coaches have always chalked vision up to natural talent—until recently. As it turns out, people can actually inprove their stereoscopic vision with training, according to recently published research."
13 June | General, News, Updates, Social Media
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Keep Kickin Soccer! P2020 and KKS are always striving to give athletes a performance edge. For more information on their training programs, check out www.keepkickingsoccer.com.
29 May | News, Social Media
“While sports scientists have long studied the world's top athletes, they are now using a mix of analytics and retro-like video games to test what some say is the next frontier in sports — the mind.”
25 April | General, News, Quotes, Social Media
“Since training at Performance 20/20, I have a much better understanding of the power of our eyes.”
24 March | News, Social Media
We are very excited to attend “Vallys View” on Saturday 4/1! Steve has some amazing insights for hockey players on shot quality and selection. The event is open to all – check it out at www.vallysview.com.
24 February | News, Social Media
“There’s acceleration training, there’s speed training, there’s plyometrics—a lot of options in the physical space. They’ve been maxed out. ...The sensory cognition, that neuro, is the new frontier. This is really the next phase of human performance.”
21 November | News, Research
The specialists at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have integrated neurocognitive and visual-motor approaches with traditional neuromuscular interventions in treating injuries.
28 October | General, News
"If you're not seeing it, nothing else matters. Your eyes are the basis of your whole game."
10 September | General, News
The Daily Voice recently posted a great story on Performance 20/20, the balance of work/family, and sports vision training.