28 September | General, News, Updates, Athletes, Quotes, Social Media
Learn more about sports vision training and achieve your goals with Performance 20/20.
03 October | General, Quotes, Social Media
"...many young athletes work not only with their coaches, but also with private trainers to improve their athleticism, skills and even vision. For example, Performance 20/20, owned by Jennifer Stewart of Darien, opened in Stamford last year to help athletes improve eye-hand coordination, reaction time and athletic performance."
05 May | Quotes
"I could not be happier that my goalies are part of your training program. There is no doubt that this training will improve their game. Every drill they did correlates to some facet of our game where goalies need visually to process a lot of information in a short period of time. As a coach on the field I do my best to create such situations in high repetition, but it's not easy and not nearly as effective as the training you're doing."
25 April | General, News, Quotes, Social Media
“Since training at Performance 20/20, I have a much better understanding of the power of our eyes.”