03 April | General, News, Social Media
"I always tell patients, ‘If you’re wearing glasses at school or work to enable you to see and, therefore, perform at your best, doesn’t it make sense to have a pair during play when you want to be performing at your best?" - Dr. Jennifer Stewart
28 September | General, News, Updates, Athletes, Quotes, Social Media
Learn more about sports vision training and achieve your goals with Performance 20/20.
05 September | General, News, Social Media
"About two years ago, I realized a long-time dream and launched Performance 20/20, a sports and performance vision training center which is independent from my primary optometry practice."
03 July | News, Research, Social Media
“There is a small window of opportunity for the motor system to receive information from the eyes,” explains Sam Vine at the University of Exeter. “And experts have found a better way to optimise that window and to keep that window [open], which helps their movements to be really accurate and really precise.”
20 June | News, Updates, Athletes, Social Media
Congratulations to Sean Collins!
02 May | General, News, Social Media
“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level." - Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
18 March | News, Updates, Social Media
Congratulations to Dr. Stewart and Norwalk Eye Care for being recognized as one of the top 10 optometric practices in the country!
26 February | Updates, Social Media
Looking to improve your golf game? Todd Wilkowski (Performance PT), Gabe Carr-Harris (Greenwich Country Club), and Dr. Jennifer Stewart (Performance 20/20) talk about how to lower your golf score through fitness, technical skill, and sports vision training.
24 January | General, News, Updates, Social Media
Performance 20/20 is now available at Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy​! More information at www.perform2020.com/bobbyv.
08 January | News, Research, Social Media
"New research from Duke Health suggests baseball scouts looking for a consistent, conscientious hitter may find clues not only in their performance on the field, but also in front of a computer screen."
24 December | General, News, Social Media
Happy holidays! As we celebrate the holidays and head into the new year, THANK YOU to our athletes, our team, and everyone who has been part of P2020. See faster, play faster.
08 December | General, Social Media
Coach Julia demonstrates a FitLight drill.