03 April | General, News, Social Media
"I always tell patients, ‘If you’re wearing glasses at school or work to enable you to see and, therefore, perform at your best, doesn’t it make sense to have a pair during play when you want to be performing at your best?" - Dr. Jennifer Stewart
28 September | General, News, Updates, Athletes, Quotes, Social Media
Learn more about sports vision training and achieve your goals with Performance 20/20.
19 September | General, Updates, Athletes
We are very proud of this athlete's training and consistency in recent months. The shaded area represents the increase in visual scores over time and these results are exceptional!
05 September | General, News, Social Media
"About two years ago, I realized a long-time dream and launched Performance 20/20, a sports and performance vision training center which is independent from my primary optometry practice."
03 July | News, Research, Social Media
“There is a small window of opportunity for the motor system to receive information from the eyes,” explains Sam Vine at the University of Exeter. “And experts have found a better way to optimise that window and to keep that window [open], which helps their movements to be really accurate and really precise.”
20 June | News, Updates, Athletes
Focus, attention and coordination are essential for this elite figure skater.
20 June | News, Updates, Athletes, Social Media
Congratulations to Sean Collins!
02 May | General, News, Social Media
“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level." - Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
11 April | General
Life is complex. Scheduling should be easy. That’s why we are super excited to launch online scheduling! You can now quickly schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments directly from our website.
18 March | News, Updates, Social Media
Congratulations to Dr. Stewart and Norwalk Eye Care for being recognized as one of the top 10 optometric practices in the country!
26 February | Updates, Social Media
Looking to improve your golf game? Todd Wilkowski (Performance PT), Gabe Carr-Harris (Greenwich Country Club), and Dr. Jennifer Stewart (Performance 20/20) talk about how to lower your golf score through fitness, technical skill, and sports vision training.
24 January | General, News, Updates, Social Media
Performance 20/20 is now available at Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy​! More information at www.perform2020.com/bobbyv.
08 January | News, Research, Social Media
"New research from Duke Health suggests baseball scouts looking for a consistent, conscientious hitter may find clues not only in their performance on the field, but also in front of a computer screen."
24 December | General, News, Social Media
Happy holidays! As we celebrate the holidays and head into the new year, THANK YOU to our athletes, our team, and everyone who has been part of P2020. See faster, play faster.
08 December | General, Social Media
Coach Julia demonstrates a FitLight drill.
06 December | General, News, Social Media
"As science continues to evolve, it opens up doors with new tools and technology that help strengthen an athlete’s visual processing system." Read the full article at flexxCOACH.
16 November | News, Updates, Social Media
Ben Eddolls demonstrates the 5 Color Reaction drill with the FitLights.
16 November | News, Social Media
Dr. Stewart and Performance 20/20 were recently featured in the November issue of Women in Optometry
08 November | General, News, Social Media
P2020 demo at the Wesco Sports Center open house at Stamford Twin Rinks.
08 November | Updates, Social Media
Dr. Stewart is honored to be the Fitlight Trainer of the Month! Fitlight training is an integral part of our training program and helps our athletes improve their reaction, anticipation and timing.
24 October | General, Social Media
"Successful athletes are able to focus and make the best decisions under all the conditions they encounter in their sports."
05 October | Social Media
A fun afternoon teaching eye/hand coordination drills to the team at M. Train.
03 October | Athletes, Social Media
One of our goalies works on his reaction times.
03 October | General, Quotes, Social Media
"...many young athletes work not only with their coaches, but also with private trainers to improve their athleticism, skills and even vision. For example, Performance 20/20, owned by Jennifer Stewart of Darien, opened in Stamford last year to help athletes improve eye-hand coordination, reaction time and athletic performance."
01 September | General, Athletes, Social Media
A very talented athlete summited Mount Katahdin over the summer.
01 August | Athletes, Social Media
The team recently attended this elite camp in Northford.
28 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Training with one of our awesome hockey goalies!
25 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Never a bad time to work on your eye/hand coordination!
18 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
The importance of optimal vision is critical in sports and always our first step before beginning performance vision training.
17 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Stamford Twin Rinks goalie camp! Ben is not only a fantastic Performance Vision Specialist but also an accomplished goalie coach.
12 July | General, News, Research, Social Media
"Athletes constantly rely on stereo vision to throw, shoot, and pass accurately. But while everyone knows athletes can train to get faster, gain muscle, or improve core strength, coaches have always chalked vision up to natural talent—until recently. As it turns out, people can actually inprove their stereoscopic vision with training, according to recently published research."
12 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
We assess and analyze strengths and limiters about every 12 weeks. After working with this lacrosse goalie for four months, we have observed a remarkable increase in testing scores.
11 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Full house today - working with goalies in the Stamford Twin Rinks Goalie Camp.
07 July | General, Athletes, Social Media
Working on save fundamentals with a lacrosse goalie to optimize reaction.
03 July | General, Social Media
Training with strobe glasses is an amazing technique to improve anticipation and reaction times.
13 June | General, News, Updates, Social Media
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Keep Kickin Soccer! P2020 and KKS are always striving to give athletes a performance edge. For more information on their training programs, check out www.keepkickingsoccer.com.
29 May | News, Social Media
“While sports scientists have long studied the world's top athletes, they are now using a mix of analytics and retro-like video games to test what some say is the next frontier in sports — the mind.”
05 May | Quotes
"I could not be happier that my goalies are part of your training program. There is no doubt that this training will improve their game. Every drill they did correlates to some facet of our game where goalies need visually to process a lot of information in a short period of time. As a coach on the field I do my best to create such situations in high repetition, but it's not easy and not nearly as effective as the training you're doing."
04 May | General, Social Media
Unbelievable improvement after 12 training sessions for this lacrosse goalie.
25 April | General, News, Quotes, Social Media
“Since training at Performance 20/20, I have a much better understanding of the power of our eyes.”
24 March | News, Social Media
We are very excited to attend “Vallys View” on Saturday 4/1! Steve has some amazing insights for hockey players on shot quality and selection. The event is open to all – check it out at www.vallysview.com.
22 March | General, Social Media
Check out a short video of some of our athletes in training.
24 February | News, Social Media
“There’s acceleration training, there’s speed training, there’s plyometrics—a lot of options in the physical space. They’ve been maxed out. ...The sensory cognition, that neuro, is the new frontier. This is really the next phase of human performance.”
21 November | News, Research
The specialists at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have integrated neurocognitive and visual-motor approaches with traditional neuromuscular interventions in treating injuries.
01 November | General
The difference between winning and losing can be milliseconds. Performance vision training goes beyond basic eyesight to train the mind to process and respond more quickly. See faster, react faster, and play faster.
28 October | General, News
"If you're not seeing it, nothing else matters. Your eyes are the basis of your whole game."
10 September | General, News
The Daily Voice recently posted a great story on Performance 20/20, the balance of work/family, and sports vision training.
09 September | General, News
P20/20 is thrilled to be profiled in the SportTechie Startup Series!
09 September | General
Dr. Stewart displays one of the ten visual/motor skills tested by the Senaptec which is an essential element of our athlete evaluation.
09 September | General
Dr. Stewart demonstrates the FitLight which has infinite configurations to challenge any athlete.
11 May | News
A video from Major League Baseball recently highlighted the use of strobe glasses in spring training.
19 February | News, Research
An article recently highlighted this growing field in “Vision Training to Boost Sports Performance”.
12 February | General
A common way to look at the brain and visual system in performance vision is similar to how we look a computer – specifically, hardware and software.
12 February | General
At Performance 20/20, we incorporate Strobe glasses in most of our athlete training programs. How do these work?
29 January | General
What types of benefits can I expect with sports vision training?
26 January | General, Updates
We are in "alpha" phase of our launch and are invite only right now. Please send us a note and we will keep you updated!