Strobe Glasses
At Performance 20/20, we incorporate Strobe glasses in most of our athlete training programs. How do these work?

Practicing in more challenging conditions than expected is nothing new in the sports world.  Baseball players often weigh their bats down to take practice swings, while sprinters and football players run with drag parachutes to gain strength.  Strobe glasses have a similar effect by making it more difficult to run drills and exercises while enhancing the connection between the eyes, brain, and the motor response.

The glasses alternate between clear and opaque lenses at a pre-determined number of times per second allowing the wearer to see only a small amount of the visual information provided.  Athletes who undergo stroboscopic training have been shown to have better anticipatory timing (being able to predict when an object will be at a certain spot); the ability to pick up subtle motion cues; and a retention of their working memory.  Limiting the amount of visual information an athlete is receiving is a core part of performance vision training.