Julia Allain
Performance Vision Specialist

After graduating from Loomis Chaffee in Windsor, CT Julia attended Providence College to play soccer as a Division I athlete. Her experiences as a collegiate athlete motivated her to continue her education at McGill University, where she built upon her bachelor's in psychology and completed a master’s degree in sport psychology. During her time in graduate school, Julia completed a master’s thesis on the knowledge and routines of NCAA Division I hockey coaches. More specifically, through interviews with some of the most successful coaches in collegiate hockey, Julia analyzed and examined their intermission strategies, decision-making, and behaviors.

Her thesis, “Intermission Routines and knowledge of Successful High Performance Ice Hockey Coaches” can be found on the McGill website at http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/webclient/StreamGate?folder_id=0&dvs=1....

In addition to studying the different coaches’ communication, motivation, and management strategies, Julia explored leadership, psychological momentum, emotional intelligence, and sport specific psychological skills. Once she completed her graduate work, Julia took her psychological and coaching knowledge and applied it in a position as an AP psychology teacher and soccer coach at the Pingry School in New Jersey.

Julia is also a performance consultant for a collegiate hockey team and is working towards becoming a certified mental coach. In addition, she has written articles on effective coaching strategies for flexxCOACH, an educational website and resource for coaches.